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15,00 €

Water repellent - waterproofing wooden surfaces

15,60 €

Waterproofing & elaiapothitiko soaking liquor for textiles

5,35 €

Water-repellent plaster-concrete, clay and stone surfaces

5,70 €

DUROSTICK D-25 self-polishing floor polish marble, granite mat & cotto

16,60 €

Waterproofing - marble & granite

4,10 €

DUROSTICK D-21 Cleaner for unpolished marble

22,30 €

BIO CLEAN - Biodegradable cleaner polished marble or tile joints and non - granitonn

14,40 €

Water-repellent & elaiapothitiko marble - granite

34,35 €

Biodegradable cleaning epoxy stucco

15,00 €

DUROSTICK D-29 SPOT FREE - Waterproofing, elaiapothitiko tile & granite soaking

4,30 €

Improver additive for tile adhesives and grouts

18,85 €


23,55 €

Leveling fiber reinforced waterproofing mortar floor

11,50 €

Hardener surface industrial floors

18,35 €

Self-leveling, fast setting leveling mortar 3-30mm

18,35 €

Self-leveling, fast setting cement leveling, 1-10mm

7,67 €

DUROSTICK D-88 - Magnetic adhesive

4,12 €

White tile adhesive, acrylic based, in paste form, ready for use. It offers high adhesive strength and elasticity with zero drift, high resistance to shock, vibration and intense contractions. It...

18,00 €

Cement white glue early strength, for absorbent and non tiles, reinforced with acrylic resins, frost, with excellent initial strength and zero slippage in heavy / moist.

22,00 €

Cement based, polymer-modified early strength adhesive for ceramic tiles, granite and natural stones. It provides high initial and final mechanical strengths. Displays zero slippage when applying it.

26,00 €

Adhesive material of a component, cement based, white, reinforced with acrylic resins in powder form and selected inert low absorption in water.  

18,00 €

Cement, white high-performance adhesive, reinforced with vinakrylikes resins. Boasting thixotropy, elasticity, zero vertical slip and resistance even at constant humidity and frost, and has...

14,75 €

Classified C2TE S1 according to EN 12004 and EN 12002.The measurements for the certification were performed in accredited European institute ZUS (No 0100-28453 / 28692).

13,40 €

Cement, white glue ceramic tiles and granite, reinforced with acrylic resins. The plasticity and the thixotropy, to stand in adhesion, no vertical slip, enabling coatings to 12mm without 'sitting'...

12,90 €

Cement, white tile adhesive, reinforced with acrylic resins, high quality. Displays excellent adhesion and non-slip on the wall, has antifungal properties, and when it reaches the final hardening...

11,50 €

Cement, white glue ceramic tiles, reinforced with acrylic resins.Displays strong adhesion, is distinguished by its high initial and final adhesive ability and after the final hardening has...

11,10 €

Cement, white glue ceramic tiles, reinforced with acrylic resins, meager slip and high efficiency. Displays strong adhesion, is distinguished by its high initial and final adhesive capacity, and...

10,40 €

Cement, white ceramic tile adhesive with extended workability, high strength and no vertical slip for walls and floors in thicknesses up to 10mm. Classified C1TE according to EN 12004. (EVETAM / N....

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