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Protective paint from graffiti

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Polyurethane paint a new technology component modified with silanes. It creates highly non-stick surface that prevents adhesion of any color to it.
It creates a waterproofing, elastic, waterproofing and durable nonstick long film, by any form of graffiti spray, markers etc.
It provides permanent anti-pollution and anti-adhesive protection without creating chalking and remains unchanged even after repeated cleanings. Recoated only with the same material, without priming.
The strong adhesion, durable membrane 11 ready shades matt, make it an ideal way of protection and decoration.
Cleaning surfaces with graffiti made with special cleaning slogans D-19 GRAFFITI REMOVER by DUROSTICK spray and after 2-5 minutes followed by lightly rubbing the surface with a sponge and rinse with water.

• No repainting the surface required after each cleaning.
• Easy pollution cleaning with D-19 GRAFFITI REMOVER the DUROSTICK.
• Excellent resistance to aging, UV radiation and frost.
• Strong adhesion to most building surfaces.
• It is flexible, does not break and does not create chalking.
• There is saponified.


The DUROSTICK ANTIGRAFFITI is suitable for application on surfaces of concrete, plaster, plasterboard, cement, chipboard, asbestos cement, concrete surfaces, wood, metal etc.
The DUROSTICK ANTIGRAFFITI as paint color, protects public and private buildings (fig. 2.3), schools (doors, railings), universities, stadiums, bridges, pens, building facades, and even children's rooms from markers, pens, pencil (fig .1) etc. new or previously painted surfaces stable acrylic or alkyd paints.