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Water-repellent, mat, inorganic paint in powder form (base), based on vinyl resins modified refined fillers. Maintains high transpiration rate and dialysis water vapor. Prevents absorption of harmful carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in plaster and concrete, and the creation of bacteria and fungi. It offers high coverage in each mineral surface, covering capillary cracks, not saponified and does not need priming (except for spatula surfaces and plasterboard). The long-term resistance minimizes maintenance costs of both external and internal spaces (Fig. 1).

They withstand climatic changes and the salts coastal areas. The technological innovation and the decoration combine with parallel seal adds value and makes a difference from the classic way paint plaster, concrete and drywall.

The recyclable cardboard packaging and the absence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC 0%) makes it particularly friendly to humans and the environment. The DUROSTICK POWDER COLOR totally prevents water absorption, without hampering the exit of the water vapor, according to EN 1062, improving the interior climate and reducing heating costs. The innovative way of creating 96 basic colors selected by the user using a specific shade, offers a convenient and foolproof method of manufacture of shades with the ability to create many others, according to the aesthetic requirements (Fig. 2.3).

The in situ preparation of pigments enables to redefine the desired hue.


The DUROSTICK POWDER COLOR are ideal for any kind of new or old surface such as plaster, concrete, bricks, plasterboard, fiber cement, thermal stable plaques, aerated concrete and chipboard.


• It is inorganic, contains no solvents or other volatile components (0% VOC), is completely odorless and friendly to humans and the environment and is aimed at consumers who are environmentally conscious.

• It is distinguished for its water-repellency, while allowing the surface to breathe and water vapor to escape.

• The transpiration of the walls significantly reduces energy consumption, while maintaining the warm rooms in winter and cool in summer.

• Due to its high opacity and the ability to apply in thick layers without cracks and runs, you do not need third hand.

• anti-mold, stains without priming old and new plaster and concrete, fully covering hairline cracks.

• It can be applied just 10 days from the application of the plaster on a solid surface, with no possibility of peeling.

• Unique advantage for jobs requiring fast delivery project.

• Three times strength than ordinary colors to moisture, snow, sunlight, air pollutants, salts from the sea and the daily washing.

• Easy way of creating 96 indelible shades with dyes in powder DUROCOLOR POWDER-C in pre-weighed doses of 250gr.