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Inorganic oxides...




Inorganic oxides coated with vinyl resins, powdered


48 indelible shades

Bulk density of dry mortar

(0,50-1,00) kg / lt, depending on the shade

Toxic / flammable in EN 88/379


Water soluble dyes by synthesis from inorganic iron oxides coated with water-soluble vinyl resins in powder form. Resist the sun's ultraviolet rays and exhibit excellent

stability and durability. They are friendly to people and the environment materials. Available in 48 separate packages (bags), which, under certain dosages, yield 96 shade nuances.

Colouring DUROCOLOR POWDER-C enable color preparation in powder form POWDER COLOR (base) or colored mortar directly to the application site and immediate redefinition of the final hue on the wishes and decorative cosmetic applicator.


With the innovative way of generating 96 shades colored:

• To innovative color powdered POWDER COLOR (base).
• The leveling putties (spatula): STUCOFIX-P, POWDER COAT and GRANULAR of DUROSTICK.
The color of stucco smoothing a color similar to that of the final painting of the surface eliminates the need for multiple final paint coatings (particularly dark shades) and additionally provides the ability to control the flatness of the surfaces (walls) and correct their defects - before final painting of the surface. The color of stucco smoothing greatly reduces the overall cost of implementation, and reduce the paint consumption and labor costs.
• The ready to use (white) plaster D-41, D-42, DS-74, DS-75, HYDROSTOP PLASTER ELASTIC and MEGAFIX of DUROSTICK.
• White cementitious grouts base (0-3mm, 1-10mm, 5-20mm), o ELASTIC ARMOSTOKOS and white mortars D-3, D-4 and D-5 of DUROSTICK.
• The forged cement DS-250 and the flexible forged cement DS-252 FLEX of DUROSTICK.
• Number Bedding mortar as: marble, gypsum plasters and white cement to give a wide range of colors where added.


Choose from the color DUROCOLOR POWDER-C hue desired. 48 dyes capable generating 96 shades.

Pour the required amount of pigment under shade in a clean container with a predetermined (base mortar requirements to be colored) quantity of clean water and stir well with a low speed drill.

Add color in powder or white mortar want to paint until complete homogenization of the mixture occurred.

The stirring time varies from 5 to 10 minutes.



1. Each pigment has a specific degree of saturation beyond which adding additional pigment mixture, hardly affects the intensity and the color depth of the application of the surface color.

2. Factors which may affect the coloring result of a mortar are as follows:

• The classification of the mortar aggregate ie the particle size (eg effect difference in applying the same ratio dyes in fine or coarse plaster). To achieve the same coloring, the fine powders requires more (analog) quantity of pigments.

• The water mixing ratio used for the preparation of the colored mortar.

• Addition of emulsions in the preparation of the colored mortar (makes more intense hue).

• The method of application (eg with a trowel, trowel, plaster machine etc.

Application with trowel and the power of touch, for example, it is possible to create shadows in the shade).

3. Discoloration or different coloring performance of a surface may occur because of different absorption of the application substrate, the 'touch', changes in surface moisture loads and other factors affecting the degree of maturation of the application.

To avoid or minimize the possibility of discoloration, good practice is to precede priming of the surface.

Excluding the case of color to POWDER COLOR powder in the application of which - in addition to its applications in areas of drywall or stucco surfaces - no primer required.

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