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DUROSTICK 10 ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΕΓΓΥΗΣΗ - 100% Aκρυλικό χρώμα

22,30 €
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White non-yellowing with time



White non-yellowing with time


20 basic colors DUROCOLOR (in a 20 ml syringe package), generate 120 shades indelible. The bases PAL, DARK, TRANSPARENT, stained by the Color Collection system in any desired shade

Fastness to washing

> 22,000 cycles (according DIN 53778)



Years drying

One hour (to the touch), depending on weather conditions


4-5 hours, depending on weather conditions

application temperature

From + 8 ° C to +35 ° C



VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds): Limit the maximum content value VOC EU (Directive 2004/42 / CE) for this product (category A / c "Exterior walls of mineral substrate", Type WB): 40 gr / lt (2010). The ready to use product contains maximum 39 gr / lt VOC


Acrylic top quality paint, resistant to humidity, frost, sun, exhaust gases and alkalis.

Allows transpiration of the surface, allowing water vapor to escape.

Creates carbonation barrier to bare concrete and not saponified.

It offers a unique opacity, whiteness and easy to work.


To DUROSTICK 10 YEAR WARRANTY is ideal for any kind of new or old exterior surface of plaster or concrete even in buildings by the sea.

It is also suitable for interior surfaces of concrete, plaster, cement, plasterboard and generally areas where frequent cleaning of the surfaces is required, eg children's rooms, areas exposed to nicotine, public and private offices and hospitals, dining rooms etc.


1. Substrate preparation
The surfaces of concrete and marble plaster shall be dry, free from loose areas and have spent at least 30 days after their manufacture.

For new concrete surfaces, make sure to remove any formwork oil with biodegradable oil cleaner BIOCLEAN (for industrial use). Then we spread 2 coats 1mm with corrosion inhibitor RUST FREE POWDER DUROSTICK of, any uncovered reinforcement points.

Once dry, cover the points with repair mortar DUROFIX of DUROSTICK. Then prime with SOLVENT ASTARI by DUROSTICK diluted with THINNER 101 or white spirit.

For new surfaces from marble plaster, rub patocharto No. 60 and prime with 100% ACRYLIC PRIMER or micromolar stabilizer AQUAFIX or ASTARI SOLUBLE of DUROSTICK.

For filling, pulp or applying STUCOFIX STUCOFIX-P or POWDER COAT or GRANULAR by DUROSTICK or combination thereof, depending on the surface imperfections and how smooth finish is desired. Priming the masonry.

For previously painted surfaces stable, enough 2 coats with DUROSTICK 10 YEARS WARRANTY.

Contaminated surfaces from soot and exhaust gases are cleaned with biodegradable cleaner VIOCLEAN (for nicotine and soot) by DUROSTICK or primed with METAL PRIMER by DUROSTICK.

Peeled surfaces, less debris, primed with 100% ACRYLIC PRIMER or micromolar stabilizer AQUAFIX of DUROSTICK.

Strongly chalking surfaces of marble, sealed with quick setting plaster D-32, while concrete surfaces with repair mortar D-55 by DUROSTICK and then primed.

Ideally, surfaces with strong contractions, recommended that the water-repellent flexible plaster HYDROSTOP PLASTER ELASTIC or innovative, flexible, multi-purpose repair mortar MEGAFIX of DUROSTICK.

For filling joints around doors and window frames, we use internally paintable ACRYLIC PUTTY or outer elastomeric sealant DUROFLEX-PU or versatile sealant and adhesive DS-POLYMER 32 by DUROSTICK shades.

2. Application
To DUROSTICK 10 YEARS WARRANTY diluted with water at a ratio of 5-10%, depending on the substrate, stirring well.

Apply with roller, brush or AIRLESS gun in 2 coats.

The second coat follows after the first completely dry.