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Mariner Aqua - Glossy water-soluble varnish water based wood

9,30 €
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Form - Colour

Liquid-White that becomes transparent when dry


Acrylic polyurethane dispersion

Specific weight

1,05 ± 0,02 kg / lt

Solid weight

31-35% w / w

solid volume

29-33% w / v


8,0 ± 0,5



application temperature

From +10 ° C to +35 ° C

drying time

Touch dry in about an hour, depending on conditions (humidity, temperature)


After 4 hours, depending on the conditions (humidity, temperature)

Friendly environment and humans

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds): Limit the maximum content value VOC EU (Directive 2004/42 / CE) for this product (category A / e: interior / exterior trim varnishes and woodstains finishes, including opaque woodstains, Type WB): 130 gr / lt (2010). The ready to use product contains maximum 95 gr / lt VOC ..


Transparent wood varnish, odorless, water-based combination of acrylic and polyurethane resins. Ideal for the protection and decoration of woodwork exposed to adverse weather conditions and the saltiness of the sea.
Contains strong UV filters for protection of the lacquer and wood from ultraviolet solar radiation. excellent working and leveling.
It is water-repellent and elastic, it does not break, not peel off and allows the wood to breathe.
Stresses and protects the natural beauty of all types of wood, highlighting the grain them while simultaneously creates a glossy, clear, elastic and extremely durable water-repellent surface.


The water soluble wood varnish MARINER AQUA is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, apply to all kinds of woodwork where permanent moisture protection is required, eg doors, windows, fences, pergolas, railings, balconies and terraces, sheds, furniture, etc.

Ideal for wooden parts of yachts.


1. Surface preparation
Proper preparation ensures the perfect result in both new and old wood. Prerequisite humidity both the wood and the air may be as low as possible.
New woods: Before applying MARINER AQUA, surfaces must be sanded with suitable sandpaper and the powders are thoroughly removed.
Where necessary, should have been filled with wood putties DUROWOOD of DUROSTICK.
To preserve the natural color of wood, provided with a coating colorless water-soluble wood preservative impregnation DUROXYL AQUA.
Wood color change, apply a coating of anchromou preservative and then 2-3 coats of colored DUROXYL AQUA. Followed by coating with one to two MARINER AQUA coatings.

Old wood: If a simple maintenance, long a soft sanding and thereafter remove the dust.
In case the old paints are in poor condition should be removed completely with coarse-fine sandpaper, with or without the use of corrosive and stripping D-26 of DUROSTICK. Then you should follow the same procedure as in new wood.

2. Application
The MARINER AQUA is diluted to 10% with clean water. Apply with a brush, roller or airless spray in one to two coats, depending on the application ..


1 lt / 7-12 m² per coat on properly prepared surfaces.