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Form - Colour



Form - Colour

Oily liquid - Semi-transparent

Specific weight

0,80 ± 0,05 kg / lt

application temperature

From +5 ° C to +35 ° C


Slight, is odorless when dry

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds): Limit the maximum content value VOC EU (Directive 2004/42 / CE) for this product (category A / f: "Internal / External use woodstains without a film" Type D): 700 gr / lt (2010). The ready to use product contains maximum 560 gr / lt VOC


Natural oil containing wax, vegetable and synthetic resins and UV filters. The periodic use maintain, refresh and provide unique vitality and glow, highlighting the natural aspect of the wood and enhancing aesthetics.

It protects the wood from moisture, saltiness and the sun. It is colorless, allows the wood to breathe and does not form a surface film.


The TEAK OIL is suitable for the efficient maintenance of wooden garden furniture (fig. 2) and terraces, wooden boat decks (fig. 1) and their points wetted by the sea.


1lt / 10-13m² per layer, depending on the absorbency of the wood.

way of use

1. Surface preparation
Remove old residues with sandpaper No80. Then smoothed with fine sandpaper and thoroughly remove dust.

2. Application
Before use thoroughly shake the TEAK OIL and since we find that the wood is dry, apply a couple of coats with a brush, without dilution by far 5-8 hours apart, for the proper protection of wooden surfaces. 5-10 minutes after each layer with a dry cloth, wipe the supernatant