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DUROSTICK D-12 - Βερνίκι πέτρας διαλύτου

8,25 €
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Form - Colour



Form - Colour


Specific weight

0,90 ± 0,05 KG / lT

application temperature

From +5 ° C to +35 ° C

1 to 2 coating: satin appearance,
3rd coat: glossy look

drying time

3-4 hours, depending on weather conditions (humidity, temperature)

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds): Limit the maximum content value VOC EU (Directive 2004/42 / CE) for this product (category A / h "Binding primers", Type D): 750 gr / lt (2010). The ready to use product contains maximum 674 gr / lt.


Transparent acrylic varnish impregnation of natural and artificial stone, decorative bricks etc. With powerful UV filters in its composition, it is highly resistant to sunlight and adverse weather conditions, in urban, mountainous or coastal environment.

Suitable for use in outdoor and indoor surfaces, yellowing or peeling over time, thus highlights the natural beauty of the stone, to emphasize their waters and gives the feeling of 'permanently wet' surfaces.

The D-12 acrylic stone varnish protects the stones from the ravages of time and the joints of the paved floor of the gradual disintegration caused by environmental conditions.


The varnish DUROSTICK D-12 applies where the aesthetic requirement dictates glossy or satin surface, to invest in floor (fig. 2) or walls with natural stones or slabs Pelion Karystos (Fig. 1), and artificial stones, decorative bricks Mr. .a.

If desired mat aspect of the investment, then instead of DUROSTICK D-12 is recommended RENOLIT waterproofing, the mat VISTA solvent varnish or polyurethane matt varnish 2-component DECOFIN POLYURETHANE of DUROSTICK.


1. Surface preparation
The new surfaces are cleaned after 3-4 weeks of the grouting with a stiff brush and cleanser stone DUROSTICK D-7, to be released from building remains.

Old surfaces cleaned with the same stains from watering pot, rust absorbing animal waste, sludges and latex paints. Enamels and varnishes are removed by corrosive DUROSTICK D-26.

2. Application
The DUROSTICK D-12 is ready for use and application in clean and dry surfaces made with varnish roller or brush in two or three layers with difference 3-4 hours apart.

In paving substrates with sharp rising damp precedes the waterproofing RENOLIT of DUROSTICK, which prevents contact of moisture with the varnish D-12, ensuring long-term protection.


1 lt / 5-8 m², depending on surface absorption