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DUROSTICK D-88 - Magnetic adhesive (1kg )

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Thixotropic, elastic adhesive, solvent, ready to use, based on the aqueous dispersion of polyacrylates, modified rosin derivatives, plasticizers and special additives. It is resistant to moisture, dilute acids, alkalis (concrete, mortar), while not affecting materials sensitive to solvents. The high open time of application features, sufficient for coating large surfaces, creating excellent adhesion, both glossy and on rough surfaces. Displays high initial and final adhesive strength. Classified D2F according to EN 12004.

(Measurement conditions 23 ° C and 50% R.H.)

Form - Colour

Creamy pulp - Light beige

application temperature

From +5 ° C to +35 ° C

temperature resistance

From -30 ° C to +60 ° C

Open application time

Approximately 40 minutes

Adjustability time

About 3.5 hours

vertical sliding

≤0,5 mm plastic plates

Resistance to detachment after 7 days

1.5 N / mm²

Special weight

1,22 ± 0,05kg / lt


The DUROSTICK D-88 MAGNETIC GLUE is suitable for bonding flexible or rigid plastic tiles, rolls of soft PVC, of ​​football stadiums, linoleum and carpet in prefabricated or not concrete, cement, terrazzo, ceramic MDF, plywood or wood, as and primed or galvanized steel. It is ideal for coating insulation boards of expanded or extruded polystyrene, polyurethane and cork panels to walls of concrete, plaster, bricks, aerated concrete, both internal and external surfaces. It is suitable for watertight coating ceramic tiles on wood and derivatives. Recommended for bonding ceramic tiles onto amiantovinylika well anchored linoleum. also available for investment in areas where heavy traffic, such as hospitals and hotels, as well as in areas with vibration, such as ships.


1. Surface preparation

The surfaces should be exempt from loose areas, dust, oil, grease and paint. The brittle cement floors, lightweight and non-need be primed with ACRYLIC EMULSION or D-20 by DUROSTICK 1: 2 parts water and 1 part DUROMAX to 5 parts water.

2. Application

The adhesive is coated only on the substrate as it is, with a metal trowel with a thickness of 3-5mm, on horizontal or vertical surfaces. Then comb as much surface as needed to work the next 30 to 40 minutes, depending on weather conditions, thereby preventing skin formation. The bonding materials are placed with the possibility of minor adjustments, exerting slight pressure.


200-300 gr / m², depending on substrate and application.


Carton: 12 pcs. 1 kg
Container 4 kg