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DUROSTICK D-23 - glue marbles and granites

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White glue for bonding of marble and granite, reinforced...



White glue for bonding of marble and granite, reinforced resins. Distinguished by very strong adhesion, initial and final adhesive strength.

After complete hardening, moisture resistant and frost. It does not stain the white and light colored marbles. Classified C2T according to EN 12004.
(EVETAM / N. Cert. 3675).


The DUROSTICK D-23 is suitable for marble and granite coatings on walls, floors, stairs, both indoors and outdoors (Fig.1).

It is ideal for investment skapitsariston marble and stone in facades covers.

It provides excellent adhesion to regular and irregular floor slabs subject to particular stress.

Adding ACRYLIC EMULSION by DUROSTICK the mixing water in the ratio 1: 1, or DUROMAX in the ratio 1: 5, improves the technical characteristics to meet the requirements of the group S1 (elastic adhesive) according to EN 12002.

Thus, it is suitable for marble decorations up to 3m and 1-3cm thick, avoiding mechanical support with 'tzinetia.

The rubberized adhesive is suitable for marble slabs and adhesion to substrates systolodiastellomena outdoors, as well as underfloor heating.


1. Surface preparation
H mounting surface must be clean, free from loose areas, dust, paint, grease, oil and dampened before application.

The friable surfaces and absorbent substrates should be primed with micromolar stabilizer AQUAFIX or ACRYLIC EMULSION D-20 by DUROSTICK diluted in purified water in the ratio 1 part emulsion to 2 parts water to achieve an inseparable bonding.

Verandas, terraces, followed by coating with HYDROSTOP FLOOR, 2-3 successive cross coats, to ensure the tightness of the substrate.

2. Application
Pour the powder in a clean container with water at a ratio of 2 parts water to 5 parts powder (7-7,5lt water for 25kg powder), stirring with a low speed drill, until a homogeneous mass without lumps.

Allow the mixture to mature for 5-10 minutes, stirring periodically, without adding extra water.

Spread the adhesive with a trowel and then combed with a notched trowel as much surface is required to work for the next 10-20 minutes (depending on weather conditions), thus avoiding skin formation.

Finally, place the marbles in the selected position, flapping gently with a rubber hammer.


The tools and equipment are cleaned with water immediately after use.