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Water-repellent, solvent-free waterproofing product suitable for the protection of wooden surfaces outdoors and indoors. The nanomolar structure allows deep penetration in wood, regardless of the type or hardness. Creates a strong water-repellent, invisible shield, which ensures the wood employed, long life without any problems from sunlight and constant humidity, urban, mountain or even sea environment. The abrasion, shock and general mechanical stress do not affect the shield offered by the NANO PROOF WOOD DS-350 in wood, while the use significantly slows their aging. It does not create surface film, with the result that peeling and not shiny.
Also affects the appearance of the wood and allowing it to breathe. Prevents the penetration of dirt so it does not stain or yellowing. Odorless water based, user-friendly and environment, ensures the timeless beauty of wooden surfaces and objects.


The NANO PROOF WOOD DS-350, applied to wooden absorbent surfaces such as garden furniture, wooden sheds and fences, recreational craft, but any wooden object to be protected than to water.


1. Surface preparation
Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust, salts, grease and any loose material.

2. Application
Apply with brush, roller, spray or immersion in an even layer over the whole surface. 10-15 minutes later with a damp, soft cloth, remove the excess material that has not been absorbed. On very absorbent surfaces, apply a second coat to dry before the first. Stained, or surfaces which have received any kind of varnish, is unsuitable for the application of NANO PROOF WOOD DS-350 because the film has been created on the surface does not allow the penetration of the product.
If we intend to proceed to the waterproofing, it will be necessary to thoroughly remove the old varnish or paint using sandpaper. Surfaces waterproofed with NANO PROOF WOOD DS-350, after 24 hours, can receive wood protection solvent systems like Preservative Impregnation DUROXYL combined with varnish for the protection and decoration of wood DUROLAC or MARINER, and wood protection water systems as is the corresponding number of DUROSTICK AQUA.

Stir well before use.
The product is ready for use. Not diluted.


lt / 6-8 m² depending on the absorbency of wooden surfaces.