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BIO CLEAN EPOXY GROUT CLEANER - Biodegradable cleaning epoxy stucco

34,35 €
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Form - Colour



Form - Colour

Liquid - Transparent

Specific weight

0,77 ± 0,04 kg / lt



application temperature

From +5 ° C to +35 ° C

Foot traffic

After 12 hours

Period waterproofing

2 years (outdoor waterproof)

5 years (internal waterproofing)

water absorption coefficient

W≤0,5 kg / m²√h

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds): Limit the maximum content value VOC EU (Directive 2004/42 / CE) for this product (category A / h "Binding primers", Type D): 750 gr / lt (2007), 750 gr / lt (2010). The ready to use product contains maximum 672 gr / lt VOC


Biodegradable cleaner without allergenic substances, ammonia, phosphates and petroleum derivatives. Gay man and the environment, under EC law 648/2004 governing the composition of detergents with respect to their biodegradability.
It does not irritate hands and does not create any problems if inhaled.
Product that respects nature and the health of users. Ideal for cleaning debris and stains caused by grouting surfaces with epoxy grouts, prior to solidification.
Converts cleaning spliced ​​surfaces after application of epoxy grout in an easy process, providing a solution to the direct and effective way of cleaning.


The VIOCLEAN EPOXY GROUT CLEANER breaks after 20-30 min grouting all residues of epoxy grout without drag himself grout from the joint to which it is placed.
This is because the composition of the product is such that it allows him to glide smoothly over the surface and effectively removes only residues.
Application of VIOCLEAN EPOXY GROUT CLEANER is a few in number successive movements using suitable sponge (hard for the initial purification step and soft for the final step), ensuring the complete purification of the epoxy residues.



1 lt / 10 m² surface