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BIO CLEAN - Biodegradable cleaner polished marble or tile joints and non - granitonn

22,30 €
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Biodegradable cleaner without...


Biodegradable cleaner without allergenic substances, ammonia, phosphates and petroleum derivatives. Gay man and the environment, under the laws EC 648/2004 governing detergents with respect to their biodegradability. Gentle on hands, does not cause problems in the respiratory system. H cleansing action does not affect the wafer surfaces (Fig. 1), the polished marble or not (Fig. 2), even when used on a daily basis.

Cleanses pollutants generated over time within the joints, allowing grouts regain their original color without spoiling.


The BIOCLEAN removes a sprinkling acting within minutes, wine, cola-type soft drinks, blood, pen and domestic pollutants.
Not recommended for cleaning debris from tile adhesives and grout residues.
Removes accumulated airborne contaminants from building facades clad with marble and decorative natural or artificial brick. Essential in houses, public and commercial spaces, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, public toilets etc.


Spray the joints of the tiles and after 5-10 minutes rub with stiff brush, hard brush or sponge (fig. 1).
The result is impressive after rinsing, and we can continue cleaning, giving shine to all sanitary and stainless steel sinks.
Using BIOCLEAN is harmless and does not need ventilation during application. It is possible to apply and cleaning machine.