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DUROSTICK D-22 - WATERPROOF -marble & granite

16,60 €
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Form - Colour



Form - Colour

Liquid - Transparent

Specific weight

0,77 ± 0,04 kg / lt



application temperature

From +5 ° C to +35 ° C

Foot traffic

After 12 hours

Period waterproofing

2 years (outdoor waterproof)

5 years (internal waterproofing)

water absorption coefficient

W≤0,5 kg / m²√h

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds): Limit the maximum content value VOC EU (Directive 2004/42 / CE) for this product (category A / h "Binding primers", Type D): 750 gr / lt (2007), 750 gr / lt (2010). The ready to use product contains maximum 672 gr / lt VOC


Waterproofing and elaiapothitiko liquid, siloxane, with high penetrating ability (micro technology).
The protective action creates an invisible surface film which does not peel, does not yellow and does not slip. Prevents staining from oil, wine, soft drink, ink, rust, pet pollutants, air pollutants, etc.


Easy and fast application DUROSTICK D-22 investments in marble and granite, in building facades, blocks for at least four years to absorb air pollutants, resulting in easier cleaning.

It is necessary to kitchen countertops, in bathroom stalls, in steps (Figure 2), pebbles of every size and color. over time protects the historic and aesthetic value of statues and monuments.

In coated floors and walls, prevents salts and alkali to rise to the surface and the stain.

The D-22 prevents absorption of stains on polished or unpolished marble, on verandas and interiors (Fig. 1), after watering potted plants.


1. Surface preparation

polished surfaces
Before applying, it is recommended preventive test to verify that the surface can absorb the material.

Before waterproofing, for best results clean with biodegradable detergent DUROSTICK BIOCLEAN (for tile-granite-marble tiles).

Agyalistes surfaces
If unpolished aged and very stained marble, the use of cleaner D-21 by DUROSTICK marbles.

2. Application
To D-22 is applied as it is, with a roller or brush on dry surfaces, free of dust. If the surface is porous, and the material is readily absorbed, it is recommended as a second coat is still wet first. Any residues are removed with a dry, soft lint-free cloth.

If you wish to polish the surfaces, it is recommended that the self-polishing floor polish marble, granite and brushed cotto D-25 of DUROSTICK.